Shefali Wardell

Writing and drawing are the same. A line leaks out of the body. Something escapes human containment. It’s not abject though. It might be like faecal matter, but for me all that makes me human is not abject, and the body is not only a stinking heap of shit or rotting sac of meat.

Whatever seeps out may be different each time. It may be shit, or blood or fear, love, envy, energy saliva or psyche. All of those are the same, somehow held together in fragility for just a brief moment in time.

Sometimes it feels like a fight to keep it contained. It is whole but flows free.


Shefali Wardell started writing stories when she was 7. After returning to study fine art some years later, her practice evolved in to a combination drawing and writing, which she often investigates using printmaking and publishing.  Having graduated from the MA Drawing course at Wimbledon in 2015, she is currently undertaking a printmaking teaching traineeship. Shefali works with commercial writing and illustration. In 2014 she founded Pudding Press, a small experimental publishing label.
Instagram / Twitter: @puddingpress