Shaun Dolan

Shaun Dolan is an artist and arts facilitator who uses drawing in his work in order to educate and inform.  With a background in Public Art & Design, he designed, made and installed a number of art commission’s predominately for hospitals, which is where his interest in ‘art for health’ became apparent.

Shaun’s role is as a catalyst and facilitator of art, educating children and young adults through practical led workshops. By this method of teaching he has established the positive effects it has had on individuals’ progress with the development of new skills as well as the benefits of social interaction and an overriding sense of inclusion through participation.

His research into participatory art and its effectiveness as a tool for learning have significantly informed his practice, establishing his role as a facilitator of art. In addition to this, his research has emphasized the importance drawing has as a transformative process for young people, particularly those who are suffering the effects of trauma.
In recent works Shaun extracted elements from children’s drawings made in the two weeks following the Israel-Gaza conflict 2014 and enlarged particular figures in order to better demonstrate the harsh reality of the child as witness.


Shaun is currently artist in residence for Chelsea Community Hospital School in London. With over ten years experience working across 5 hospital sites, he works with an extremely diverse group of young people facing a wide range of different challenges.  It is through this work and research established whilst studying MA Drawing at Wimbledon College of Art, he has been able to validate his role and share new findings with similar organisations in the UK and internationally.