Lorraine Young

Dot, to line, on line, online. How we build and make our drawings.  My examination is to understand how that process is informed. To realize where the drawing begins. To return to the start looking at the very basic and simple elements of drawing, following modest exercises, and remaining true to their intention has helped me [re] discover the humble simplicity that I had forgotten in my drawing.

Having technology to scan and print the images magnified has allowed me to see the forensic details of the drawing, the movement of the paper with the nib, how the ink is displaced. To the fine detail of examining the gradation of an ‘H’ pencil. And of course, hopefully achieving some sense of ‘roundness’.
My intention is to communicate this to a wider audience. Isolating particular details from the drawings, then abstracting them in large prints to highlight elements of interest. The discussion between tacit and taught continues, and my investigations have shown that the tacit nature of drawing only emerges after many hours of careful and considered observation, and with the repeated placement of marks against a surface.


Lorraine Young is a university teacher in Fine Art at Loughborough University.  Lorraine studied for her undergraduate program in sculpture at the Loughborough College of Art & Design (LCAD) and holds a Masters of Arts in Drawing from the University of the Arts (UAL): Wimbledon.  Her practice is situated in the exploration of drawing. She is a member of the research group TRACEY .




L.Young @lboro.ac.uk