Gareth Morgan

Inspired by cartoonists such as Ralph Steadman & Steve Bell, Gareth began scratching out doodles of his experiences, fears and observations about living with diabetes. He developed his acidic drawing style on the MA Drawing course grappling with two significant questions central to the development of his practice. How could his expressionist style with its intrinsic humour (not easily aligned with the graphic design approaches populating research papers and patient pamphlets) be put to work in biomedical contexts? Secondly, how could he side step the medical community and directly reach a larger audience a possible? Gareth began to experiment with animation with a view to capturing an international on-line audience.

Now working at the interface of art and science Gareth makes drawings, cartoons, animations and videos for communicating science, with a current focus on of diabetes and mental health. Gareth mixes traditional drawing methods with modern digital media technologies. He ultilises the intuitive potential of ink and the expressive properties of charcoal, combining them with digital media and moving image processing skills acquired whilst working in scientific imaging laboratories.

He is currently collaborating with healthcare professionals, psychologists, patient advocates and artists on art installations for Public Engagement with Science projects.


Dr Gareth Morgan is a Cell Biologist with an MA in Drawing (Distinction) from Wimbledon College of Art. He is interested in the application of drawing for the communication of scientific & medical concepts, particularly around diabetes.

Gareth gained a PhD in Cell Biology from the University Oxford and has extensive expertise in biomedical research, but became interested in visual ways of communicating medical information as a result of being diagnosed with Type I diabetes & seeing first-hand the problems faced by health care professionals in explaining diabetic medicine to patients and by patients trying to explain their condition to health care professionals.