Camilla Brueton

Camilla Brueton is curious about how place is made. She is interested in the relationship between the aspirations embodied in architecture and infrastructure, and the everyday life that unfolds around it. Modernist architecture is a recurring theme, as are views from train windows, travel infrastructure and how we frame and are framed by city around us.

Brueton works small scale on paper, but also produces large, multilayered installations with a performative aspect, with her drawing live. Her work brings disparate places and viewpoints into the same frame. A conversation begins; nature exerts it’s chaos over the city, a pile of rubble becomes a mountain viewed through a train window. In the spaces between places, new geometric forms are created and the fabric of place is spun through her mark making. Brueton also writes about her experience of place, and has had several essays published recently.

Camilla Brueton (born 1977) lives and works in London.
She studied BA in Fine Art:Sculpture (2000) at Kingston University followed by MA Drawing at Wimbledon College of Arts (2014). She regularly exhibits her work in London and beyond, and juggles working as an artist with working in the arts. She is currently the Postgraduate Community Events Co-ordinator at UAL.