DRAW Event: Between the Familiar and the Fantastical

Artist Sarah Woodfine began her presentation and discussion around the imaginary worlds that sit between the familiar and fantastical as explored through her drawing practice, by showing a short clip from The Wizard of Oz, the moment when Dorothy enters Technicolor. An important moment for Sarah, it represents a slip from one reality to another. An experience which is reflected in her practice, in its execution and resulting work:

‘With drawing I slip into another place…. my branch becomes a snake…’

Sarah Woodfine

Woodfine’s work centres on drawing. Strongly influenced by half remembered memories from childhood, she employs a wide variety of visual imagery exploring themes surrounding darkness and magic.

“Woodfine’s drawings, often contained within specifically constructed structures that act both as frames and as physical extensions of the drawing itself, operate as miniature worlds, self-contained systems through which a series of vignettes are staged for the viewer’s careful consideration”
Peter Suchin

9 March 2016, Lecture Theatre, Wimbledon College of Arts

Image credit: Sarah Woodfine