There are many people that have contributed to the development of The Centre for Drawing. This is only an initial selection of the evolving network of connected individuals.

A Timeline of People

Angela Kingston launched The Centre for Drawing in 2000 and initiated a program of residencies, publications and exhibitions. Kingston said: “In order to create the first specialist drawing centre in the UK…I wanted to work with the characteristics of drawing and the rhythms and nature of the art school. We created an in-house gallery space that held a series of six-week drawing residencies for invited artists. The original remit was to test ‘what drawing is’ under the condition of an individual or a group practice.”

From 2006 to 2009 Anita Taylor was the Dean of Wimbledon School of Art and moved the Jerwood Drawing Prize to Wimbledon. This is an open competition for all UK artists that continues to be an annual barometer of drawing in the UK. During this time a series of events and exhibitions expanded on the possibilities of drawing practice.

Between 2006 and 2010 The Centre for Drawing Project Space was coordinated by Wimbledon’s Professor of Drawing, the artist Avis Newman. Avis Newman wanted The Centre for Drawing to be a laboratory environment questioning what drawing is for, who it is for, what does it do, and how is it used. A series of publications and exhibitions came out of this time.

Theater Designer Michael Pavelka and the current Dean of Wimbledon, Simon Betts set up the ongoing MA Drawing course at Wimbledon in 2011. In 2013 the artist Tania Kovats took over the course leadership and continues to expand on the possibilities of what drawing might be. The MA Drawing embraces a cross disciplinary approach to drawing, where students from a range of disciplines and histories investigate drawing as their shared platform of exchange, research and practice.

The activities of The Centre for Drawing continue to resonate in DRAW, the Drawing Research At Wimbledon reading group, an annual invited residency, exhibitions and symposium, under the direction of The Centre for Drawing Co-ordinator, Tania Kovats.

The physical material of The Centre for Drawing Archive is currently being catalogued and listed in order to make it more accessible to researchers. This material will eventually be held in the library at Wimbledon College of Arts.